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Beautiful high quality frames

This is what it is all about, the cherry on the top of your photo session. Be bold and be part of your own art and the envy of every visitor to your house. 

These are the frames I will have shown to you at your photo consultation session if you had one. If you did not have a photo consultation session and would like to see the frame samples or if you are not sure and would like to have another view before you decide please do contact me to arrange a viewing.

Frame and print are assembled under clean lab conditions to assure quality and timeless enjoyment of your photos. Beautiful photos taken with quality in mind are an absolute joy to view on a large quality print in a quality frame.

Some photos work better in a frame than others and I would be more than happy to give some advise and a creative opinion to help you choose.

Just send me an email or use the 'contact' link in the menu bar to order any of the below frames or books.

Contemporary Classic

Bring portraiture out of the shadows.

Finished with durable 3mm frosted acrylic

Frame in black or white.

Mount in grey or white.

Small 20" (short side, image 16")  £229.- | Medium  24" (image 20") £289.- | Large 28" (image 24", square only) £349.-

Edge to Edge 

Take your photos to the edge

An inimitable wall product with wide appeal

Acrylic face-mount for added impact

In black, white, stainless, wallnut and light oak 

Small 16" (short side) £199.01 | Medium 20" £250.00 | Large 24" £328.13 | Extra Large 30" £406.25


Take wall furniture to another level.

Clever construction with the print on aluminium gives the main image a floating effect.

Frame in black or white.

Small 16" (short side) £185.50 | Medium 20" £247.50 | Large 24" £327.50


A wonderful keepsake with all the photos from your gallery beautifully arranged in a book (hard cover image-wrap).

First book standard size; £162.-

First book large; £228.-

Additional book copies; standard size £99.- or large £149.-

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