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Three Sisters


Always learn and always try to improve, that is my maxim to life and the way I like to run my business and my approach to photography and portraiture. Every new portrait session I do should be an attempt to create a new center piece for my portfolio. To try and take the one shot that will be the best one I have ever taken. However creating good portraits is every bit about the collaboration between model(s) and photographer. To create the best shot everything has to be just right.

I do not succeed in achieving my goal with every session but I seem to be fortunate enough to have quite a few sessions that produce one or two shots that I can be really proud of. 

Along comes a perfect session. A session with Lily and her twin sisters Erin and Tilda. The session was formed of an individual shoot with each of the girls separately as well as the usual sibling shots. As is normal with these sessions that are commissioned for and arranged by mum the girls were not too sure at the start of their session. But it didn't take that long and each of them started to relax and having fun doing the shoot. 

Each of their session was going really really well and the raw images on the back of my camera were very promising indeed. I went home after the session excited and with a good feeling about the shots I had taken that afternoon. 

The initial excitement only grew bigger in the days after the session when sorting through the images and doing the post processing. When I was finished with the work I ended up with the biggest set of edited photos I had ever done for a single portrait commission. Not only that but the set did not just produce one or two of my best shots ever but six! Six fantastic shots that I dare say are the best of my work so far. 

Below is one of the shots from that session with all three girls. Some of their individual shots can be found on my home page and portfolio page. Thank you Lilly, Erin and Tilda for a fantastic day at the office :-)

Erin, Lily and Tilda by Heijo. Teen and young person portrait photographer from Beckenham, Bromley, London. Shot in a living room somewhere in Kent.

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