Saffron - Heijo



Taking the photo studio from Beckenham, Bromley to Maidstone in Kent. Kent is also known as the Garden of England and home to Saffron.

It's the second portfolio update session with the beautiful young actor and singer Saffron Pooley. Working with someone for the second time is always a real pleasure. There is no need for introduction and settling into the shoot is quick and easy.

The shoot is a great opportunity to test a new lighting setup. A lighting setup that will form the basis for future signature portraits. Although signature portraits are now mostly taken with a super sized hexagon softbox, for Saffron's second session the trusted old brolly is used. 

Saffron Pooley

Saffron by Heijo. Teen and young person portrait photographer from Beckenham, Bromley, London. Shot in a living room in Maidstone, Kent.

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