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"You have surpassed our expectations and the girls are keen to show the pictures to their friends, even J who's normally very anti posing for photographs! You've made them proud of themselves and that's just fantastic xx"

"I had to do this shoot for my profile but didn't really want to. However ten minutes into the shoot I was totally relaxed and at ease. So much fun doing the session and totally love the photos."

"I LOVE how you've captured so many of my daughter's expressions!"

"OMG I'm loving the latest shots! :D"

"The photos are fantastic! I found it really hard to choose!! You've captured the children really well!!"

"A thousand thanks for your beautiful work. We're really happy you took these pictures of us."

"Absolutely wonderful photos. Such a talented photographer! Thank you so much Heijo. You were so very generous with your time and had a way of making her feel so much at ease."

"Thank u! Such a lovely photographer! Def put my family at ease and my girls loved it!!

"Thank you so much I love it!!"

Your Experience

Your Portraits Taken Beautifully 

To achieve beautiful quality portraits it is important to create a relaxed, friendly and professional atmosphere whether working on location, in your living room, in your office or in the studio.

Beautiful fine art portraits are the result of an invaluable collaboration between model and photographer. There are no set time limits for Heijo's portrait sessions. Heijo will spend as much time as is needed to capture your timeless photos. Having your portrait session without the need to keep track of time is of great importance to create that relaxed and fun atmosphere. Though on average sessions take about two to three hours.

A photo session can take place in your own living room or office. Biggest advantage of taking the photos in your own home is that you will have your complete wardrobe ready at hand. A clear space of about three by three meters is preferred to set up studio equipment. If you do not have the required free space or would prefer not to do the session in your own home then it is possible to use one of the studios that are for hire throughout London

Most of Heijo's clients are based in and around London but Heijo doesn't mind a bit of traveling if the job is further out. International commissions are welcome too. Travel and lodging costs might be added to your commission fee.

The best photos from your session are fully edited to a high standard before they are presented to you at your viewing session or in your online gallery. There is no need for you to 'imagine' what the final photos might look like. Your viewing session can be held in the comfort of your own home also. Again no need for you to travel out.  

Heijo runs a fully insured business and has a clean Disclosure and Barring (CRB) check.

You are free to use and share your purchased photos on your personal website, profile pages and social media. However additional licence fees might be necessary if the photos are to be used for commercial purposes. 

Looking for prices?

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For more information or to book your portrait session feel free to get in touch. You can use the contact form or  message Heijo on social media; Facebookor Twitter.

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