Dare To Go Big - Heijo

A Love for Big Frames

Your photo session is done and you or your child worked hard posing, changing into different outfits and to look as natural and relaxed as is possibly possible. Heijo has packed his studio away and has gone home to edit, finish and make your pictures look stunning. But what next? How to make  the most of your or your teen's fine art portraits?

The presentation of a portrait is as important as is the camera, the lighting, the crop and the editing (and the photographer). Here too paying attention to detail will pay off tremendously . It is the finishing touch. Heijo has done considerable research into paper, frames and mounts to find what works best with his signature style to be able for you to present your portraits in the most elegant and most captivating manner. All that is left for you is to decide which images and at what size.

The best photos from your session are presented to you at your viewing fully edited and printed on so called "Gicleé Fine Art" paper. A beautiful paper with a gorgeous tonal range very much suited to Heijo's signature portrait style. The edited photos presented to you on this paper will show you your portraits as beautiful as they can be. No need for you to imagine their potential.

For his signature portraits Heijo has chosen a single style of frame that suits his work very well and will look stunning in any livingroom, hallway, landing, bedroom or office. No canvas or frame and mount can match its simple perfection. There are two finishes for you to choose from, satin or a beautiful high gloss acrylic and the edge of the frame can be simply black or walnut. 

The choice for size is kept simple too; twenty four inch or thirty inch (on the longest side if the image isn't square). Too big do you think ? Heijo is a fine art portrait photographer. His approach to your portraits is to create beautiful quality art with you or your child having the lead role. To create something to be proud of and to be seen. It is art about you and/or your child. You've gone through the trouble of booking, convincing your teen, clearing your livingroom for the session and then the session itself because you believe it is worth the trouble (as well as it is fun ). Why not display it with pride?!  

Pictures on a wall are mostly viewed from a distance and small frames become in fact tiny. All too often photo portraits are undersized. Have you ever been to the National Portrait Gallery in London? The old masters painted their portraits to a size suitable for the wall they were going to be hung onto. The two sizes for you on offer work well in the majority of British houses' inside walls. Heijo will bring sample frames* to try and figure out the best place to hang your own frames when they are ready.

To make it complete Heijo can offer you a fully handmade soft black leatherette album with your choice of the best photos from the presented photos at your viewing. Again Heijo has done extensive research to find an album that suits his signature style. To fully appreciate the quality of this album it has to be held, felt and seen and there will be a sample at your viewing together with a pair of white gloves.

Beautiful portraits printed in high quality are a joy to hold and to view and superior to any screen or monitor. Heijo uses one of the best labs in the UK to ensure the highest quality possible and to offer products that compliment his work. It is the return on your investment into something for you to cherish for the rest of your days and beyond.

*Smaller frames can be discussed should these frames really be too big to your liking.

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